Welcome to NOLA Wax Hands.

     Wax hands are an interactive craft whereby we make a mold of your hand using melted wax which is then colored.  After the process is completed, you have a souvenir impression of your own hand made out of wax.  The process starts out by you picking out a pose you want to hold your hand in and then dipping your hand in chilled water.  After that we do a quick dip into the wax and then back into the  water.  This process is repeated several times to build up the wax onto your hand.  While the wax is still warm and pliable, we just slip it off.  Once the hand is removed, you can choose color(s) for it.  The coloring is achieved by dipping the hand into colored wax.

     Once your hand is complete you can take it home and display it proudly for anyone to see.  Be sure to keep your wax hand away from any sources of heat (locked up in a car while the sun is out, in a window that gets direct sunlight, or on top of electronics like a dvd player…).  Also remember that the colder it gets, the more brittle it gets, so don’t put it in the freezer either.  Just keep it somewhere at room temperature out of reach of pets and small children (who might break it) and it will last for years.